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7 Traits That Would Turn Off Any Woman

Don't let these "game killers” stand in your way.

3) Being a Pushover

I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying this, but in my experience, most attractive women want—no, crave—a man who can stand up to her.

When a woman asks you to buy her a drink within a minute of approaching her, suggests a 5-star restaurant for a first date dinner, or shows up hours late without a good reason, she knows that she is pushing the boundaries. But it’s a win-win for her. Either she gets indulged, or she meets a rare man who is on her level.

Be polite, reasonable, and even generous. But don’t let her see you as someone she can walk all over. Similarly, don’t let other people push you around when you’re out with her either. Don’t get into fights, but don’t let her see you meekly back down either. 

4) Your Ex-Girlfriends

Deep resentment of your exes will alarm her. She’ll wonder about the other side of the story and she’ll worry about your stability since you seem to date people who are awful for you. She’ll also wonder about your social skills since most people know it’s not attractive to whine about your exes when you’re getting to know someone.

Being positive about your exes is fine, in small doses. Done right, it can solidify her attraction to you. This is related to the Love System concept of Pre-Selection, explained in more detail here.

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