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7 Traits That Would Turn Off Any Woman

Don't let these "game killers” stand in your way.

5) Horniness

There’s a difference between being sexual and being horny. Being sexual means that she’s made you feel passionate and that you want her. That’s attractive to most women, if expressed appropriately. 

Being horny is the opposite. Being horny is where you’re looking for someone to have sex with, and talk to females who might be able to help with that. Even if that’s what you’re actually doing, women you talk to should never feel that that’s your game plan. Tell her why she got you all turned on.

6) Insecurity

Assume the sell. Be confident that she likes you. Be confident that everyone likes you. Or that, if they don’t, that that’s their problem. A self-assured man is very attractive to women.

Don’t seek others’ approval. Don’t brag. Don’t take it seriously if someone is teasing you (appropriately). Don’t tell her that she probably doesn’t like you, in hopes that she’ll contradict you. Don’t fish for compliments.  

Instead, show her that you are strong enough to handle her, and whatever insecurities that she might have.

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