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7 Women We Can Guarantee Will Waste Your Time

If she fits in one or more of these categories, cut the cord.

1. She’s always running "just 5 minutes!" late.

For pure time-wasting, it’s hard to beat the Disorganized Princess. If you’re supposed to meet at 8, she’ll text you at 9 that she’s about to leave the house…and still somehow she doesn’t arrive before 11.

Some men attempt to adapt by telling her to arrive a couple hours early or by trying to micromanage her schedule. Better is to drop her entirely and use all that time you’ve saved to find a great woman who has her ducks in a row.

2. She forgot! She has to work tonight!

Flaky Girl is like the Disorganized Princess on steroids. Instead of showing up late, she doesn’t show up at all. 

I encourage clients to test flakes and use anti-flaking techniques. If a woman flakes at the last minute on a first or second date, a great response is: “No problem; I’ll take someone else.” This often results in the woman saying something like “No, wait, let me see what I can do” followed by her schedule mysteriously clearing up.

Even if her schedule is locked for the night, hopefully she’ll get the message. If not, there’s one way to deal with persistent flaking: flake on her, permanently.

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