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7 Women We Can Guarantee Will Waste Your Time

If she fits in one or more of these categories, cut the cord.

3. Her Facebook status says "Happy in Wyoming."

There’s nothing wrong with women from Wyoming – if you live there, too. Otherwise it’s a long-distance relationship, which will almost always be a waste of your time. Not just because of the travel, either. The whole relationship can be artificial if you only see each other on some weekends and special occasions. You don’t get to find out what it’s like to be with her day-to-day. It might take months to accomplish long-distance what could take days if you were in the same place. If that’s not a waste of time, I don’t know what is.

Unless you have a real plan for the two of you to be in the same place, and soon, make geography a deal-breaker.

4. She knows the truth about 9/11.

Or at least she thinks she does, and she’ll tell anyone who will listen. That person, unfortunately, is going to be with you and only you, once everyone else figures out that she talks just to hear herself talk, with little value to contribute. Whether it’s a conspiracy theory she’s recycling from a mass email or her gripping adventures at the laundromat, you can count on her to fill any available silence with the beautiful sound of her own voice. 

There are 24 hours in a day. How many of them do you want to spend listening to nonsense?

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