8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

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8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

Think you shouldn’t care about how your kissing skills rank? The path back to the bedroom begins with her lips—so study up.

Everyone thinks they’re a great kisser, but by the law of averages…some of you suck at sucking face. Sorry, guys. But the problem has an easy fix if you’re willing to learn—and you really should be, because a great kiss is the difference between a hot night and a cold case of blue balls.

Of course, different women like different things, but when we asked them to share their biggest complaints, there were a few recurring moves that drove a lot of them crazy—and not in a good way. In fact, we determined that there are eight major types of lip-locking mistakes you might be making so we got expert tips to fix each of them.

Read on to hear what women had to say about the kisses that make them gag…and prepare to pucker up better next time. 


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