8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

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8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

Think you shouldn’t care about how your kissing skills rank? The path back to the bedroom begins with her lips—so study up.

She says: “I can’t stand it when guys are too scruffy and they grind their 5 o’clock shadow on my delicate face. It freakin’ hurts.” –Erin, 30

How to fix it: Yes, scruff can be rough: “Facial hair can make you look rugged and sexy, like Jason Statham, but it irritates our sensitive skin,” says Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure. “Either shave off your manly chin hair, or avoid pressing your face into hers as you make out.” Plenty of ladies love a good beard, so don’t you all go shaving at once. Just try cradling the sides of her face in your hands while you kiss—that way, you can control how much face-to-face contact you’re making. (Bonus: Women swoon for this move. Trust us.)



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