8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

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8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

Think you shouldn’t care about how your kissing skills rank? The path back to the bedroom begins with her lips—so study up.

She says: “I hate when guys have their tongues really hard and...erect, for lack of better words. Your tongue is not a penis!” – Elisa, 28

How to fix it: You’ve gotta loosen up, guys. According to Levine, the key is to “use soft lips to seductively kiss and tease.” Try to be mindful of what you’re doing, and if you sense your lips or tongue tensing up, try to subtly draw back for a moment to take a relaxing breath. And don’t laugh…but you can practice on your hand when you’re alone. “Make a fist, hold your index finger and thumb side up, and think of the opening as the woman’s mouth. By feeling it on your own hand, you can tell if your lips and mouth feel stiff or sensuous.”


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