8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

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8 Things She Hates About the Way You Kiss

Think you shouldn’t care about how your kissing skills rank? The path back to the bedroom begins with her lips—so study up.

She says: “Some guys don't swallow! So the kiss gets super wet and there's too much saliva. It's gross. Really, really gross." – Sarah, 25

How to fix it: Chances are, if it reminds her of her slobbering dog, she’s not going to find it sexy. If you’re a bit of a mouth-foamer, there are ways to control it. Says Levine: “If you know your mouth secretes lots of juices, kiss in small spurts so the saliva doesn't build up. You can segue between moves by gently pulling back a bit, stroking the side of her face, looking in her eyes and then going back for more kissing action.”


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