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Ask Men's Fitness: What kind of photos should I put on my Tinder profile?

Project classiness and independence—but no selfies.
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What kind of photos should I put on my Tinder profile? —Ben W., Dallas, TX

You want to project an image of success, classiness, and independence. Avoid pictures of your parents (sorry, mama’s boy), and—regardless of how hard you worked for that six-pack—shirtless photos. Also, avoid group shots so the girl knows who she is looking at. The ultimate no-no: selfies. “If you don’t appear smart enough to use a camera timer or the help of a friend to take your pictures, you are not doing yourself any favors,” says Daniel Lemin, a digital marketing and social media expert. Ultimately, ask yourself: Would you swipe “yes” on you?

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More from Ask Men's Fitness:


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