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Dating Rules for the Digital Age

Seven tips for using technology to your advantage.

Dating Rule #1: You’re not Nick Newell

Just because there’s an awesome MMA fighter with one arm doesn’t mean you have to imitate him, or fight the game of love with one hand behind your back. There are digital tools to improve your dating life; use them. Your competition will be.

For example, if you met an interesting woman earlier in the day and now you’re at a great party and want to invite her, don’t just text. Send a picture or video clip of where you are to entice her.

Or, when you go on a first date, have some impressive pictures on your phone. Just like we covered in the how to use Tinder piece, let your pictures tell a story about who you are. Don’t just have a collection of headshots, or worse, photos of you with your arm around random women. That screams insecurity. Have pictures of yourself doing different things, with different people, in a way that complements your identity and is attractive to her.

Why is this important?  Because at some point, you’ll be talking about a trip you were on or a show you were at, and she’ll ask if you have pictures. Prepare for her to browse other photos when she does.

Dating Rule #2: She’s not Nick Newell either

Newsflash: Women generally spend more time thinking and talking about dating and relationships than men. She’s not going to fight for what she wants with one arm behind her back either.

A friend of mine caught her ex-boyfriend cheating. He told her he was at home, but the background noise on his phone sounded different. So she asked him to get on video chat for a second. He couldn’t, because he was at another woman’s house. Five years ago, he might have gotten away with this. Now he can’t.

By the way, I’m just using this as a (stark) example. I’m not trying to help anyone cheat. You shouldn’t have to lie to get what you want. Check out this Men’s Fitness guide to dating multiple women without lying.



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