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Dating Rules for the Digital Age

Seven tips for using technology to your advantage.

Dating Rule #3: It’s not 2004 and nobody cares that you "met online" 

Ten years ago, there was still a stigma about online dating. If you seemed like a reasonably normal person who would be able to approach and meet women at parties, bars, and coffee shops, and you told people that you used online dating, they’d probably squint at you and wonder why.

Now it’s the opposite situation. If you’re single and you want to be meeting or dating someone and you tell people that you don’t use online dating, they will probably wonder why. It’s here to stay. I know many women who pretty much only meet men online. I mean, they wouldn’t rule out a man who just happened to cross their path because he wasn’t from online, but they don’t ever go out with the intention or the desire to meet men.

So if you’ve ruled out online dating in the past, give it another shot. The single best place to get started (full of examples and sample profiles and transcripts) is Derek Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

Dating Rule #4: Text. But not too often. Or too little. Or about the wrong things.

It’s so easy to stay in regular, even constant, contact with someone now. Most guys know that they shouldn’t bombard a woman, but the opposite is just as true. E.g., if you meet a woman on Tuesday and arrange to meet up on Friday and don’t communicate with her at all in the meantime, she might think that the plans aren’t firm or that you’re about to cancel. Or she might forget about you when she’s getting interesting messages from other men.

It’s not enough just to text, and many kinds of texts will actually hurt your chances with a woman. Text in a way that builds attraction, qualification, and comfort, maintains romantic and/or sexual tension, and neither over- nor under-pursues. Easier said than done? Check out my free 10-minute video tutorial for 5 specific techniques to improve your text game right away.



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