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Five Tips for Moving in with Her

We asked our expert for a few ways to make the transition easier.

2. Don't Slack Off

You'd better plan how you're going to live with her in advance, and not just take it in stride. "Share financial responsibilities and split the chores in advance," Steinberg says. "In addition to being romantic partners, you are now also roommates. And nothing kills the mood faster than feeling resentment because the bed hasn't been made and the lights won't turn on.

3. Spend Time Apart

Yes, she's your roommate, romantic partner, and buddy, but it can get a little overwhelming for both of you once in a while. Steinberg says, "Just because the two of you are living under the same roof, it doesn't mean that you always need to be together. No matter how much you love each other, everyone needs some breathing room once in a while and it will make your time together that much sweeter."

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