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How to Recover from 6 Relationship Screwups

1) You forgot your anniversary: Don’t pretend that UPS lost the great gift you carefully selected. This is 2014, and she could ask you for a tracking number. Own your oversight and select a new date—not just a make-up dinner—to celebrate the day you forgot, Santagati says. “She may balk at first, so you’d better get creative to convince her.” Pick a day when you’re both free and make sure the schedule includes at least one surprise. Meyers adds, “Plan something that so thoughtfully suits her specific interests and tastes, she’ll pray you forget again next year.”

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2) You stayed out too late with the guys: Remember what your mother told you when you still had a curfew? “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Well, your girlfriend’s mother told her that, too. She’s not worried about you getting into a bar fight or even driving home drunk; she’s worried that you weren’t with the guys at all. “Hear her out, then let her know that while you love her, you also need time with your friends without feeling guilty for things you didn’t do,” Meyers says. “If she gets paranoid that you’re sinking into debauchery every time you chill out with your buddies, you have to think about whether the relationship is going to work. You want her to be your girlfriend or wife—not a nagging mom.”



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