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How to Recover from 6 Relationship Screwups

3) You lied to her: Maybe you lied to protect her, or because you were embarrassed by the truth, but whatever the reason, she’ll be hurt when she finds out. The only way to regain her trust is to confess your sins and promise it will never happen again. (Unless, of course, it might happen again, in which case you should evaluate the relationship.) Open up the floor to questions about whatever she wants to know. “Be prepared to honestly answer her tough questions,” Santagati says. If you’re truthful, the conversation will more than likely end in a good laugh.

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4) You were a slob after you promised to pick up after yourself: For her, this is less about your mess and more about respect. If you routinely leave a trail of destruction in your wake and expect her to pick up after you, she’ll start to feel like your servant. “Do short term damage control by hiring someone to do the dirty work,” Meyers says. “Bring in a cleaning service for a one-time visit, or, better yet, find a way to build it into the monthly budget. Better to solve the problem once and for all than argue every day about the same annoying issues.”



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