While the first date can be pretty nerve wrecking, wondering if you'll ever see her again can be worse. No worries. AskMen has shared some helpful tips on how you can confidently score that second date. 

Some sample tips:

Be nice to other people. We often are so focused on what we say to our date that we forget to pay attention to how we're treating other people. Don't make that mistake. If you try to sweep her off her feet but bark at the waiter or taxi driver, she's still going to think you're a jerk. How you act to the people you're not trying to seduce into bed reveals more about your character, and she'll notice.

Don't go dutch. Splitting the bill may seem like a good idea on the first date (you want to know she's financially independent, you're broke, etc.), but don't do it. While it may not be such a bad idea down the line when you're actually in a relationship, it looks cheap on the first date. Not to mention, it can be really awkward. If she offers to chip in, politely decline. (Hint: she doesn't actually want to help. She's just being polite.)

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