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How to Plan a Killer Adventure Date

Adrenaline-pumping hangout sessions with your lady can be a huge turn on—or a total bust. Learn how to pull it off.

Be Selective

A thrill-seeking date like skydiving can set you up to get hooked on each other, so make sure you take a girl you’re really into. “These kinds of dates not only release adrenaline, but they also flood the brain with powerful neurotransmitters such as dopamine—the stuff that’s released when you do drugs or fall in love,” says Christie Hartman, PhD, behavioral scientist and author of Changing Your Game: A Man’s Guide to Success with Women. You’ll associate the incredible rush with each other, forging a strong bond and creating an awesome memory.

Don’t Go Too Big, Too Soon

You want to aim for thrills, not terror and intimidation, so it’s crucial to ease your way into it. “No activity dates for a first date,” says Hartman. “It’s too much pressure.” Instead, ask questions to gauge how adventurous she may be. You can also mention an activity that interests you and see how she reacts. If she perks up and seems impressed or fascinated, that's got potential. If she hesitates or doesn't give a clear ‘yes,’ keep offering suggestions until you get a hit.

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Check Her Preferences

Find out if she loves or hates surprises. You can say, “Do you like adventurous surprises? I may surprise you on a future date,” recommends dating and relationship coach DeAnna Lorraine. To avoid the ultimate dating disaster it’s also a good idea to determine if she has any phobias. The last thing you want to do is surprise a girl who’s terrified of heights with a hot air balloon ride or take someone who’s claustrophobic through a dark cave.




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