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How to Plan a Killer Adventure Date

Adrenaline-pumping hangout sessions with your lady can be a huge turn on—or a total bust. Learn how to pull it off.

Stick Together

When you're doing something scary, make sure you stay in close proximity to your date and offer playful encouragement—especially if she seems to be struggling. And definitely resist the urge to show off. “Push her a little, but make it fun,” says Lorraine. “Tell her she deserves a margarita after one more lap or climb.”

Don’t Let Her See You Flailing

If by some chance she starts leaving you behind, don't freak. Just speak up and say that you want to take a few breaks. “Racing to keep pace and running out of breath doesn’t look good anyway,” Lorraine says. Don’t make excuses for why you’re out of shape; that can come across as unattractive. Instead, turn the attention back to her. “It never hurts to acknowledge a woman's fitness level, which is gratifying to her and shows you’re confident,” says Hartman. Just don’t go overkill with praise. One quick compliment is all it takes.

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Pack Smart

Make sure you wear a watch. Cap the activity at an hour or two, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming or exhausting. Bring along snacks, sunblock, and water; and don’t forget deodorant and a change of clothes, Hartman says.  Since sweating is a given, the deodorant and clothes will make it easier to go grab that celebratory marg afterward.



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