How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

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How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

There’s more to a marriage proposal than you think. Guarantee you get a yes—and that your girlfriend isn’t embarrassed by her engagement ring—with this guide.
A place that’s meaningful to you—whether it’s where you met, the site of your first date or your go-to Saturday night spot—is not only a great location because of its sentimental value, but more importantly you'll also know what to expect there. And when you want a moment to be perfect, minimizing variables is key. If you’d prefer someplace new, just scope it out beforehand in person or online and do some research to avoid disaster. For instance, the top of the Eiffel Tower sounds amazing in theory, but it looks like a freaking factory up there. Plus, it’s where Tom Cruise allegedly asked Katie Holmes to be his beard, er, wife, so you won't score points for originality. Oh, and whatever you do, avoid the stadium Jumbotron proposal...repeat, no stadium Jumbotron proposals. Trust us on this one.


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