How to Read Her Body Language

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How to Read Her Body Language

With the help of two experts, we’ve demystified the secrets behind her every move.

What It Means: She Wants Your Attention

When a woman tosses her hair, it’s typically a sign she’s trying to lure you in. “Women tend to preen or groom themselves subconsciously when they’re attracted to someone, by flipping back their hair to fluff it, smoothing down their hair or clothes, or checking their lipstick in a compact,” Wood explains. And when the grooming gesture is paired with a smile or a gaze? She’s even more interested. When a woman flips her head it causes her whole upper body to move, which makes her stand out from among a group of women who are standing still. “This classic attention-grabbing move is a double whammy that combines preening and a flash of vulnerable neck,” Wood says. “It’s also a way for a woman to not so subtly show that she cares about how she looks to a man.”


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