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Is She Cheating?

What are the signs your girlfriend is having an affair? These expert tips about why women cheat could save your relationship.


2. Make sure she’s satisfied.

The Indiana University study also found that couples who are on the same page about sex—as in, how much they prioritize it—are less likely to experience infidelity. And while your sex drive (or hers) isn’t something you can necessarily control, it may be worth it to simply discuss—as awkward as it can be, yes—how you can be doing it more… or better.

“A lack of intimacy can cause distress in the relationship,” says Dr. Chris Kraft, a Clinical Director of the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. And for some women? It may be easier to cheat than it is to deal with the issues within their own relationship that are causing a less-than-stellar sex life.


3. Embrace the threat.

The assumption that women aren’t as likely to cheat makes many men feel safe and secure in their relationships. Problem is, that assumption is straight-up false. “The gender gap that we saw in research five to seven years ago is closing,” says Mark. “We found that women and men are equally likely to engage in infidelity.”

Why? Women are cultivating more personal relationships in the workplace (outside your watchful gaze), and social networking sites are making it a lot easier to get in touch with that high school boyfriend than it was a decade ago. (Yes, online cheating is a thing.)

So beware long, repeated, trips away from home; lies about her whereabouts; and secret networking accounts or e-mail addresses. These are all cause for some gentle suspicion, says Dr. Kraft.

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