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Who Should Pay for a Date?

Avoid awkwardness with these three rules.

3. Follow the “third date rule” (the one that applies to men)

If she hasn’t offered to contribute to anything by the end of the third date – not dessert, not the valet, not the tip, not even a round of drinks – then she probably never will.

That may be OK with you, or it may not. Some of my clients like taking care of their partner. Others find it offensive. I can’t tell you what to like, but if her behavior does happen to be a dealbreaker for you, throw the last chance “Hail Mary” pass first.  Go on a date with a little bit of cash, but “forget” your wallet. If she says she’ll take care of things like it’s no big deal, then the situation might be salvageable. If she suggests going to get your wallet or expresses any reluctance or even dissatisfaction, then you know that the two of you won’t be compatible.

Congratulations. You just saved yourself a relationship full of drama and conflict.

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Nick Savoy is the President of Love Systems, author of the Magic Bullets Handbook, and is a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness. Follow him on twitter at @LS_Savoy.



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