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TV Cutie Jamie-Lynn Sigler Dishes on Her Taste in Men [VIDEO]

Guys with Kids co-star Jaime-Lynne Sigler offers dating advice—and reveals what she finds so sexy about single dads.

This fall, funnyman Jimmy Fallon is producing a new TV show on NBC about guys with kids, hence the title....Guys with Kids...which premieres tomorrow night on NBC (it's already being praised as one of the must-watch comedies on primetime television)

We caught up with the show's super-sexy female star, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, to find out if women really do find men more attractive when they come flanked by a pint-sized entourage. Her answers may surprise you—and inspired to take your nieces and nephews to the order to turn them into full-fledged date bait. 

Plus—stay to hear JLS's advice on exactly when you should lie to your girlfriend.


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