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Never Say This to a Woman

The one thing you never say to a woman during a fight.

We’ve all done it. Sometimes you really get into it (in a bad way) with your significant other, and you don’t know how to remedy the increasingly toxic situation, and you’re pretty sure you’re not getting any lovin’ tonight. Then, in a last ditch effort to regain control of the situation, you say it: Find out the worst thing to say to your girlfriend in a fight >> There are variants, but the one thing all of these phrases have in common is, as soon as they leave your lips and enter her ears, a certain rage enters her brain. You just pressed her “berserk button.” Her eyes lose their gentle softness and before you know it, you’re sleeping on the couch without a blanket. Telling a woman this is like telling her she’s overreacting, being irrational, and acting like a child. It’s saying “shut up,” and it’s talking down to her. And the ladies do not enjoy being spoken down to. So don’t do it. Just don’t.

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