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She's Got the Look

Why, every once in a while, it's OK to judge a book by its cover

The Green Girl
About her: She's an impassioned, nature-loving gal with a heart of gold. Between saving the earth and holding fundraisers for baby seals, she still finds time to volunteer at the local food co-op and clean up neighborhood parks. Recycling and organic? Two of her favorite words in the English language.

How to get her: Tie yourself to a tree to protest her favorite cause. Or at least slap an "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" bumper sticker on the back of your car-or your buddy's Prius. Once you've won her over, keep things as natural as possible. Invite her hiking, or take her to pick apples or blueberries. (And for Pete's sake, avoid the zoo! Those animals are in cages.) Wherever you go, when it comes to getting ready, avoid primping of any sort. Ditch the hair gel and stick with basic jeans and a tee. She's not a fan of grooming products or shaving, and she doesn't want you to be, either. On the upside, you can use the money you're saving on toiletries to stock up on top-of-the-line cuts of steak and spareribs. After all, you're going to need something a bit more substantial to eat after all those dates of soy and spirulina (don't ask). Fortunately, that juicy slab o' cow will taste all the more delicious after you've suffered through a half dozen wheatgrass shots.

The Girl Next Door
About her: It doesn't matter if you want to watch the game with the boys or have to go out and run errands with the fam, she's happy either way. This girl is low maintenance and as sweet as apple pie. In fact, you can take this No Drama Mama anywhere without worrying-she has no trouble fending for herself. Just remember, whatever you're doing now may indirectly set you up for a lifetime of barbecues and neighborhood bowling nights.

How to get her: Invite her to meet your kin. Since she's a family- oriented girl, she'll be smitten if you take her to your little brother's baseball game or invite her to see your nephew's school musical. She's looking for someone as wholesome as she is, so keep sex talk to a minimum and tell her you think it's honorable if she says she wants to save herself for marriage. Ultimately, the more you seem like ideal future-husband material in her eyes, the more willing she'll be to chuck it all and finally get nasty.

The Tomboy
About her: This girl is first to scream, "I'm in!" whenever there's any kind of competition-whether it's touch football, a hot-dog-eat-athon, or bungee jumping. Screw black-tie affairs or dirty dancing in the hottest clubs: Her idea of fun is beating you in a bout of arm wrestling or just screwing around and re-creating reality-show dares.

How to get her: Win her heart. Take her to a batting cage or head for the nearest mini-golf greens. Whichever you choose, make sure you compliment her on her swing or putt. Although you may be tempted to let her beat you at whatever game you're playing, don't do it automatically. She likes a good challenge, and there's a chance she may just whip your ass. Besides, many of her best friends are bound to be guys, so the last thing you want is to look like a pushover in her eyes. Instead, just try to imagine yourself as her equal: the Mr. Smith to her Mrs. Smith. And hopefully, the Brad-and-Angelina steaminess will brew up from there.

The Party Girl About her: Like Tara Reid or Lindsay Lohan, you can spot this wild child by the smeared makeup and the wobbly walk in her three-inch heels. Although her knee-jerk response to everything is likely "Let's par-tay!" (even if you're just asking what kind of movie she wants to see), this girl is bound to be worth a few cheap thrills. Plus, if she's anything like Tara or La Lohan, you'll probably get to see her nipples pop out of her dress before the evening is over. But then again, so will everyone else.

How to get her: Out-party her. This girl knows all the hottest spots, so you've got to do her one better. Call a couple of trendy hotels in a neighboring town and ask the concierge where the most happening night clubs are on any given weekend night. Then take her to as many of those party locales as possible-ideally in a well-stocked limo. Since you're removing her from her natural environment, there's less chance of her running into friends or former flings who may divert her attention away from you. And since you're still showing her a wild time and hopping from place to place, she's bound to feel like the two of you are the life of the party.


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