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Should You Go On a Group Date?

Dating apps and one-on-one dates making you a nervous wreck? Here's why you should consider going out with your crew.

Dating is complicated. Gone are the days of boys meets girl, boy takes girl out, boy dates girl. Now, you need to sift through apps and web profiles, create a color-coded calendar to remember if you're meeting Molly from Tinder or Jessica from Hinge out for drinks Thursday and Kelsey from Bumble or Tiffany from for dinner Friday. It's a lot to juggle. It's also a lot of pressure. And, if your personality tends toward introverted, then dating is an absolute nightmare. 

Sound about right? If you're struggling to commit to a dating service, don't want to download an app, and can't seem to relax during one-on-one dates, group dating might be an amazing alternative. Consider it your primer to solo first dates. We spoke with Sameera Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Lasting Connections, for everything you need to know, from the best places to go and what to do if you and your buddy are crushing on the same girl. 

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