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Singer Mayra Veronica Talks Sexuality and Rebellion

Get to know the sexy Cuban artist behind this summer's dance hit "Freak Like Me"

So you’re using different channels to express different parts of your personality. Is your latest single “Freak Like Me” another part of your personality that you’re introducing us to?

Yes. Well the title of the album is Saint Nor Sinner, so it actually attests to both. Like “If You Wanna Fly” is part of the saint part, and “Freak Like Me” is more of the sinner part. It’s like the whole idea of a girl and how as a girl you’re supposed to be more mellow, or quieter, and there are a lot of women out there who still have that mentality where they don’t speak about their sexuality. That’s why the song speaks to that. The song is “You’ve never met a freak like me, if you could read my mind,” because most women are still quiet about it. They don’t go off like men do and just talk freely about sex or sexuality, and that’s why the song goes there.

What would you say to guys who would dismiss a girl based on a first impression that she’s too quiet or reserved?

It’s really just about getting to that stage with a woman where she feels free to express herself. Women are more likely to express themselves fully when there’s trust and when they’re able to open up. As a man, it’s just being able to make the woman feel comfortable enough to show all aspects of herself to him.

What are the best ways to build that kind of trust?

It’s about trust and commitment and just knowing that person is really there for you; they’re truly your friend and they’re truly on your side. Making her feel comfortable enough for her to be able to express herself would mean showing her some sort of commitment where you are there for her all the time and you’re her best friend.



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