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The 7 Golden Rules of Being a Wingman

Winging is your chance to interact with women in a no-lose setting.

Rule No. 6: Act like the game Is over

Act like your friend and the woman he’s talking to are a couple. Talk about them as a unit. You’ll be amazed by the effect. It’s a technique called “framing”: Women are more affected by subcommunications than by what’s actually being said.

Rule No. 7: Communicate

Women talk in private. Men don’t. Text instead. That way you can discretely call any necessary audible, like, “Are you sure you’re not beer-goggling?” or, “Don’t tell the nun-in-the- burning-building story—I already did.”

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Nick Savoy is the president of Love Systems and the author of the best sellers Magic Bullets and It’s Your Move.



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