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The 8 Worst People at the Gym

You might be one of these characters and not even know it.

THE CRUISE DIRECTOR There's a difference between being friendly and making it a mission to know everyone's name, birthday and favorite Kardashian. By the time you’re done with meeting, greeting and exchanging phone numbers, the hardcore gym grunt has finished half his workout. Learn when to read body language—you might think people are wearing headphones for music, but they're really just avoiding you. THE SARGE We're huge advocates of heart, soul and encouragement, but some people need to tone it down a few kilobels. Egging someone on is part of your duty as a spotter, but when you're cheering and screaming like the Triple Crown's riding on it, it can get distracting for others. There's no need to approach each training session like it's a title fight.

THE EXCUSE GENERATOR Arms sore? Work wearing you down? Still wondering why you've only lost two pounds in the last election cycle? Instead of spending an hour complaining to everyone within earshot about your busy schedule or old college injuries and then eking out 10 minutes on the Gazelle Edge Glider, try to break a sweat lifting some real weights or doing high-intensity interval cardio.

THE FITNESS POSSE There is no way all six of you are going to bench press and/or spot one another at the same time. There's also no way you're going to stay focused and get in a quality training session when you're busy filling your boys in about your crazy weekend in Sioux Falls. Come at different times, work in twos, train in different areas. Save the team bromances for the post-gym bender. Your entourage is crowding the gym floor and ruining everyone else's flow.

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