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The Best and Worst Dates to Take Her On

Dating expert Nick Savoy tells us where to take her out if you want to up your chances of taking her home.

guy and girl eating dinner

Worst: Dinner

Dinner has always been the go-to date for every guy. It’s simple. It’s reliable. But frankly, it’s generic as hell. “You can’t get worse than dinner, unless you’re dialing it back to lunch,” says Savoy. Since it’s a common choice, she’s also likely to associate you with common rules—like waiting “x” number of dates until she sleeps with you.

In addition to being completely unoriginal, dinner dates are what Savoy calls “talking heads” dates. What he means by that is the conversation is the only source of entertainment, which puts a lot of pressure on both parties—especially on a first date. Even more, when you’re sitting across the table form one another you lose the opportunity to start a physical conversation.

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