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The Best and Worst Dates to Take Her On

Dating expert Nick Savoy tells us where to take her out if you want to up your chances of taking her home.

guy and girl laughing

Best: Comedy Club

You’re best bet when it comes to truly getting her attention—make her laugh. This one’s easy, really. Plan your first night out at a comedy club. It’s the perfect venue because it solves a lot of common first-date issues that prevent you from getting closer to her physically and emotionally.

“[Comedy clubs are great because] one, you’ll be sitting side by side, and two, it’s more than just two talking heads babbling at each other," says Savoy. "Usually there are 15-minute sets, and then you guys can talk about it for a little and then there’s another set. They normally talk about pretty interesting things or some even have romantic or sexual themes to them—none of that stuff ever hurts. People also feel closer to each other when they laugh together.”

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