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The Best and Worst Dates to Take Her On

Dating expert Nick Savoy tells us where to take her out if you want to up your chances of taking her home.

guy and girl on a date

Best: Bar Hopping

If dinner was a don’t, then bar hopping has got to be on the no-list, right? Wrong. “Going to a bunch of different venues in a short amount of time will make you feel like you know each other more than staying at one venue the entire night,” says Savoy. With the change of scenery you have more opportunity for outside entertainment. Something as simple as people watching could give the two of you something to bond over and laugh about. The great thing about bar hopping instead of dinner is that you won’t (or shouldn’t) be sitting across from one another. Sitting side by side up at the bar or in an intimate booth gives you a chance to flirt with her on a more physical level. We’re not saying you should feel her up an hour into the date, but touching her shoulder or the small of her back during conversation will make the night more memorable.

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