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The Best and Worst Dates to Take Her On

Dating expert Nick Savoy tells us where to take her out if you want to up your chances of taking her home.

guy and girl holding hands

Worst: Anywhere You Spend Too Much

Impressing a woman doesn’t have to drain your wallet. In reality, spending too much could make her feel pressured or actually dissuade her from liking you. Why? One, she may be thinking, “I don’t even know this guy that well, he must be pretty desperate if he’s pulling out all the stops on the first date.” Another thing that might be on her mind: “He just expects me to sleep with him because he’s spending all this money, and I resent that.” Another possible conclusion: “I love how he’s spending money on me to try to get me to sleep with him—I better not sleep with him because I want this to keep going.” Be humble when choosing a venue to avoid any of these less-than-ideal scenarios.

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