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The Dos and Don'ts of Dating a Friend

Play your cards right, and you'll score a great girlfriend. Screw it up, and you might need to find a new circle of friends.

So, you’re attracted to one of your female friends. Play your cards right, and everything will work out. Screw it up, and you could be in for a lifetime of embarrassment–or even need a new circle of friends.

Dating expert Nick Savoy of Love Systems is here to help with five crucial dos and don'ts.

DON’T hook up without setting expectations

No one wants drama. But you have only yourself to blame if you wanted something casual and she’s seeing wedding bells the next morning.

If you’re just looking for fun (we’ll cover more serious relationships in a second), communicate this before you hook up. But how? You’ll insult her, and kill your chances, with something like, “You know this is only for tonight, right?”–even if she wants something casual, too.

A great technique for telling someone something indirectly is by teasing. Playfully accuse her of being the “What are we?” girl. If you’re joking around, she won’t get offended, but she will understand your meaning. If she wants something casual, too, she’ll insist that she’s not.  If she doesn’t, she might back out or want to talk about it–which is still better than drama.

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