Top Warm Weather Dates

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Top Warm Weather Dates

Summer means it's time to step up your dating game.
Dinner and a movie. Sunday brunch and the museum. Bowling and some brews. All these make for classic dates, but as the weather warms, the birds and the bees beget some of their best buzz out of doors—and so can you. Options for romance al fresco can range from an intimate exchange of bread and wine under the stars to a heart-stopping, muscle-tingling, scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs plunge into action-packed adventure (and we’re not talking running naked from a bear). Whether you prefer your pastimes cerebral or corporeal, getting outside is a great way to get closer to…well, the one you want to get closer to. Here are our top picks for making hay while the sun (or moon) shines.

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