Top Warm Weather Dates

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Top Warm Weather Dates

Summer means it's time to step up your dating game.

Flea-marketing is tried and true for shopping sleuths who love to find the perfect knick-knack needle in the haystack bazaar, but if an Antiques Roadshow date doesn’t get you hot and bothered, there are other options. Did you know that there are plenty of places in America that you can still prospect for gold? This is a date that can really pan out, just be sure to check local rules and regulations before you get started. Fans of Spike TV’s American Digger might also get off digging one another while digging for buried loot, but before you begin searching for booty, learn what’s kosher, and what’s breaking the law.

If Indiana Jones has always been a role model, you’ll really get a kick out of geocaching. To take your scavenger hunting to the 21st century, grab your GPS and your date, and log onto Once you’ve zoned in on a geocache you want to search out (they can be hidden anywhere from the big city to the middle of the forest primeval), get its latitude and longitude, enter the coordinates into your GPS, and then follow the directions to a cache of hidden “treasure.” Geocaches usually house a collection of take-one, leave-one items that make a great keepsake of your date and a logbook for you to leave a personal “Kilroy was here.”

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