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Why A**holes Get Girls

It’s not that women are masochists—most have very good reasons to reject the nice guys.
Why A**holes Get Girls

It's a question we've pondered since junior high: Why do assholes get all the girls? Turns out, it’s not that women are masochists and want men to treat them badly. Some are, but most women have very good reasons to reject nice guys.

But first—it’s only mostly true that women love jerks. If the woman you want is with someone else, it’s easy to dislike him and think he’s a jerk. In fact, he probably is a bit of jerk to you, and you’re probably not exactly friendly to your rival either.  Or he might be one of those guys with a hard exterior who only opens up to that one special woman who has broken through his shield and earned it; that’s a powerful fantasy for many women. All in all, he might be a jerk most of the time, or to you specifically, but not necessarily to her.

Still, even with that in mind, it’s a fact that a lot of women date guys who are genuinely assholes. Here are the five biggest reasons why.

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