Your 7-Step Plan for Getting Back with Your Ex

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Your 7-Step Plan for Getting Back with Your Ex

This will be controversial. Your best path to get back with your ex is to get better with women in general. There are three reasons for this.

First, most of what attracts or repels a woman is “below the surface” – your body language, subcommunications, confidence, and so on. If you’re still in the mindset that she’s the best you can do, then these indicators are likely to subtly but powerfully keep her away. But if you’re trying to win her back from a position of strength – you know exactly what else is out there, and you choose her – your chances are much better.

Second, pre-selection is real. Women are attracted to men who other women like. And there’s nothing like a hint of jealousy or competition to get a woman to act on her desires.

Finally, you might learn something about yourself.  A lot of the time when a man is pining for his ex-girlfriend, it’s because he thinks that she is the best he can do. Getting yourself out there again will show you other possibilities. A few months from now, you might not even want her.

Go on lots of dates. Challenge yourself to succeed with more desirable women. Don’t contact your ex until you’ve hooked up a few times with women at her level or above.

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