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Your Way Out of a Dead-End Relationship

Things going nowhere? Consider this your guide to finding the off-ramp.


As lonely as you may feel initially after the split, the first few weeks apart from your former partner is not the time for late-night emotional booty calls or spending time together as “friends,” which only leaves what is meant to be over in a state of confusion.

Rosenberg recommends not communicating with your ex for at least one month after a breakup, including no social-media stalking. In a 2011 survey conducted by love and relationship website YourTango, 40% of men admitted to looking at their ex’s online profiles too often and 57% of all singletons agreed that thinking about their ex prevented them from finding new love.

There's no correct amount of time you have to wait to get back into the dating game. In case you missed this episode of Sex and the City, Charlotte said it takes half the time you and your partner were together to get over him or her. A survey conducted by, the largest dating website for the over-50 community, found it takes about 18 months for divorces to move on. 

"Casual dating can occur quickly, but to develop a long-term connection with someone, a true healing of your past relationship must occur," Kelman says. 

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