The 50 Hottest Female Trainers of 2014

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The 50 Hottest Female Trainers of 2014

We scoured the country for America's 50 hottest female trainers.

30, elite performance trainer, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: A strong core makes you lethal!
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 20
Biggest gym pet peeve: Wearing wedge sneakers to group fitness classes. You will end up breaking your ankle!
Hidden talent: I am pretty good with hair—I can do a mean fishtail braid. I would love to go to cosmetology school one day.
Favorite post-workout snack: Green juice
Working out with your guy: It’s a great idea because they see how women train and realize that their old-school mentality is not cutting it anymore. Reality check!
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: I am attracted to healthy people. Sweating is our body’s way of releasing toxins.
Celebrity crush: Tom Brady
Favorite “manly” workout: I crush all the “men,” so there is no workout that is too “manly” for me.
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @natalieuhling
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