The 50 Hottest Female Trainers of 2014

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The 50 Hottest Female Trainers of 2014

We scoured the country for America's 50 hottest female trainers.

24, personal trainer, Pilates reformer instructor, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: Fitness, wellness, and health should be a lifestyle. Routinely spending time for your mental and physical well-being is the best gift that you can give yourself. You can handle life’s biggest challenges with confidence and tenacity when you have a healthy mind.
Pushups before exhaustion: 40
Best race time: 22-minute 5K
Biggest gym pet peeve: Girls who don't wear their hair up in the gym. You are there to sweat, so put it up, sista!
Hidden talent: I can play the flute—but I’m probably pretty rusty.
Working out with your guy: There is something very attractive, masculine, and sexy about seeing your guy push himself at the gym. I also like to make sure he can keep up.
Celebrity crush: Tom Brady
Relationship status: Single
Follow: @KatherineMason
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