Best Globes of the Golden Globes

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Best Globes of the Golden Globes

It’s officially cleavage season in Hollywood—and these stars put their breast foot forward at last night’s Golden Globes. Can you name these famous racks?
Why is Ben Affleck doing a happy dance? It's probably because last night's Golden Globes didn't just kick off Hollywood's 2013 awards season (and score him a much-deserved win), they also brought out all the girls (and their girls!). There was spillage. There was side cleave. There was middle boob. And it wasn’t just the usual suspects, like Sofia, who were making us gawk.

So here, a round-up of the hottest female celebs who brought their A game—and also their B, C, and D games—to last night’s Globes. To make it extra-fun, we present you with this little (and not so little) breast test. Click through to take a gander at the best photos of celebrity breasts the night had to offer and get ready to guess that rack.


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