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Best of Instagram: 7 Hot Chrissy Teigen Photos

Sports Illustrated cover girl Chrissy Teigen posted an, um, exposed shot on Instagram this morning. Her response when the company took it down? Post it again, of course.

When Chrissy Teigen posted a pic from her upcoming W Magazine editorial shoot, Instagram got a surprise: her bare nipple. Soon after, the picture disapeared—yet another instance of the company taking down photos that don't align with it's nudity policy. Other celebs who've had their pictures taken down include everyone from Miley to Chelsea Handler. Rihanna even got her account shut down for a while for violating the "community guideline" that bars women's nipples. 

But instead of accepting it, Chrissy posted the super-hot photo again. Twice. She filtered it so it looked like "a classy oil painting" and a "pencil sketch," poking fun at the company's policy and delighting (most) of her followers. So now we know that she has an awesome sense of humor as well as an awesome body. We've pulled together the very best of her posts while we wait for the next act of rebellion.



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