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Cuties on Campus: 25 Hot Pictures of College Tailgating

Whether you win or lose, these college tailgating parties should keep your spirits high. Check out the 25 hottest tailgating pictures in college football.

What makes a tailgating pre-party truly great? Is it the food, the beer... the hot girls in provocative college apparel? We say, all of the above.

From California to Tennessee, college football tailgating parties are flush with university-branded eye candy, and we just can’t get enough of looking at this curvy creatures showing off their school spirit. If you're ready to get pumped for this weekend's game—or just reminisce on all that is fantastic about college fandom—check out Bleacher Report’s 25 hottest tailgating pictures in college football

Preparing for your tailgating event this weekened?  Read our coverage of Tailgating 101 to get ready for your next party.




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