Hollywood's Hottest Butts

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Hollywood's Hottest Butts

Here, our top 10 most bootylicious celebrity behinds. Enjoy the (rear) view—and let us know who you think we're missing.

Being voted into our list of the top 10 hottest butts in Hollywood is no easy task. For starters, the woman must have a phenomenal, extraordinary backside. Flat, saggy or average asses need not apply. The ass must be plump, but not too plump; toned, but not cartoonishly so; and as perfectly round as possible. Once the butt meets these characteristics, its owner must be proud of it—someone who won’t shy away from body hugging clothing or a “behind the back” red carpet shot. We feel these A-list women comprise all of the aforementioned butt characteristics, and then some. We hope you agree…

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