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Find out how this Pussycat Doll stays fit

Nicole Scherzinger has such a crazy schedule that her trainer, Adam Ernster, C.S.C.S., isn't always sure how much time he has to work with the starlet each week. "Sometimes it's back-to-back days, other times it's twice a week with four days in between," says Ernster, who's based in L.A. Once Scherzinger gets in the gym, she'll warm up on the elliptical or treadmill for five minutes and then hit the weights. "We definitely do a lot of super-setting and keep the rest periods low, sometimes under30 seconds," says Ernster. He typically has Scherzinger perform three exercises in a row before resting.

"We usually have time for three or four units of work like that, three sets each, and we mainly work have the drive to work out day after day, year after year. When you see people who are fit, you can tell their level of determination. When I sworking with Timbaland, he was getting into building muscle and with higher rep ranges, between 12 and 20," he says. Ernster also has Scherzinger do unilateral movements like single-leg squats to counteract imbalances and has her work with kettlebells on days they go a bit heavier. But no matter what they do, core is always a priority.

"The core is always engaged, I don't care if you're doing heavy squats or 10-pound dumbbell curls," he says. They'll also do two or three specific core exercises, like crunches or leg lifts with rotation. And unlike some celebs who have to be pushed and prodded to work out, Scherzinger's dedication comes from within. "She really likes to push herself," says Ernster. "She's one of the most motivated clients I've ever had."

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