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Sofia Vergara

Modern Family's hottest mom makes us laugh—and fantasize

Men's Fitness recently caught up with the sexy star of TV's hit series Modern Family. Lucky for us—and you—the stunning Colombian revealed her most important rules when it comes to relationships:

"When I meet someone and know I'm going to be in a relationship with them, I don't play games. If I like somebody, I'll go out with them and whatever happens, happens. You don't have to screw around when you feel attracted to a person."

"The good thing about being in a long-distance relationship is that you don't have to live the day-to-day routines. Every time you see the person, it's as if you're on vacation. You've been waiting, and you're anxious. You don't get tired of them."

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"Make your girl feel special—take the time to think of her and show her you care. I guess that's why Latin men are always known for getting the girls. They are brought up like that. They know how to give a woman attention."

"Good sex is definitely important to a relationship; whoever says it's not is lying."

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