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The 11 Hottest New Women of 2011

We're glad we got to meet these sexy ladies in 2011. Here's to them getting more exposure in 2012.

Jennifer Lawrence

In a year that started with an Oscar nomination for Best Actress (Winter’s Bone), Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing at the annual award show in a classy red dress. She went on to don blue scaled skin as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, which as Rebecca Romijn taught us, is a tough look to pull off. Only 21, the actress will make a huge leap next year in the film adaptation of hit novel The Hunger Games—a role many fans thought she wasn't right for until Entertainment Weekly debuted a photo of her as the character in May. If the film franchise becomes huge (a la Harry Potter and Twilight), Lawrence will become a household name like Kristen Stewart, only less awkward in TV interviews.


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