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Video: Roberta Mancino on Conan

The rest of America is getting to know this fearless beauty

Men's Fitness readers named Roberta Mancino the hottest sports babe ever and now she's everywhere. Yes, we'd like to think we had a little something to do with that (you're welcome). With her recent appearances on ESPN's E:60 and Conan O'Brian's new show, the rest of America is getting to know this fearless beauty.

In this clip from her appearance on Conan, Mancino finally explains the one thing I think we all want to know; how it feels to jump out of a plane naked. Spoiler alert, Conan's reaction is, "This isn't as erotic as I thought it would be." But, she is so adorable that we can just listen to her tell the story over and over again.

When asked about the dangers involved, Mancino said, "It's more dangersous for me to be here with you." To which Conan replied, "You bet it is."

And in this video from E:60, Mancino admits to always being concerned for her safety when jumping. According to her boyfriend, extreme sports legend Jeb Corliss, she is not crazy. "I've been with her when she's doing very scary things and she does them very well," says Corliss. "She's very sane. She's not a crazy person."

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After breaking numerous freestyle skydiving records and conquering the art of base jumping, Corliss and Mancino have taken on proximity flying. This entails donning a winged suit (looking like a flying squirrel) and flying as fast as you can and as close to the side of a mountain as you can.

Yeah, right ... who says they're not crazy? Check it out.

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