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10 Adventurous Sex Moves You've Never Tried

Why settle for a good romp when you can have a great one? From an unexpected guaranteed-to-get-her-off position to a new way to use that pull-up bar, we’ve got the expert-approved tricks that will convince her you’re a certified sex god.

9. Dirty Charades

Shutting your mouth might seem intuitive to sex, but as long as it’s only metaphorically and not literally, it can take it to another level, advises Britton. Agree that neither you nor she will make a peep during the act from start to finish. Without words to rely on, you’ll have to find new (and super hot) ways to show each other what you’re liking and what you want next. This, in turn, will increase the intimacy—and maybe even make you feel like you’re two teenagers sneaking around again. Either way, it will definitely change up your tired old routine.

10. Swingers

You don’t have to install a crazy contraption in your house to bring some swing into your life. Garrison notes that if you’ve got a pull up bar installed in your door, along with a bed sheet and a willing partner, you’re totally equipped for this adventurous move. Here’s how he says to do it: “Take a queen or king flat sheet length-wise and fold it or bunch it into a long strap. Drape it over the bar, so that the U portion is in front and the ends hang over the back. Reach through the U with each hand and grab an end in each hand. Your partner can sit in it like a swing or open it up some, and lean into it for doggy style.” You’ll love the deep penetration, the Cirque du Soleil feel, and the opportunity to show off your toned arms. (Just make sure your bar is very secure for safety.)

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