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10 Moves She's Begging You to Make During Foreplay

Foreplay isn't just a game of "grab ‘n go"—she wants you to try one (or all) of these pre-sex moves on her.
10 Moves She's Begging You to Make During Foreplay

Like working out, sex can be bad—and possibly dangerous—if you haven’t warmed up properly.

Look, we know you're desperate to get to the good stuff (trust us, so is she). But like that first minute on a roller coaster, foreplay can be an electric, exciting way to bring her higher and higher before taking the plunge.

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If you take the time and make the right moves, you'll find yourself loving the pre-game as much as you do the grand finale. But there's more to foreplay than just rounding the bases and heading home. We asked women to find out how to make foreplay creative and exciting—and the moves that leave them desperate for more.


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